I Run for Her

The “I Run for Her” campaign encourages everyone to take to the streets and pound the pavement to remind all women experiencing domestic violence that there are services and people in the community who can support them.

Join together withyour colleagues, friends or family and create a fundraising ‘Team’ or run and fundraise as an ‘Individual’.

Domestic violence is never acceptable! The ‘I Run for Her’ run is a reminder to all people experiencing violence to know that the community stands behind them to reach out and ask for help.

The funds you help raise will assist women escaping domestic violence set up a safe home with new household items and will help provide tailored workshops to gain the skills and confidence they need to feel empowered and thrive.

Show your support for people affected by domestic violence,by asking your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation to sponsor you to run.

Stay informed when our next “I run for her” event is on