Resources & Fact Sheets

Domestic and family violence is a widespread and serious problem in Australia: yet, it is a problem that is preventable. An important key to creating change is to get educated. Learn more about the complex issue of domestic abuse with these resources below.

What is domestic and family violence?
Understanding the Cycle of Violence
What should I do if I suspect I’m in an abusive relationship?
How does witnessing domestic violence impact a child?
Power and Control – The Duluth Model
Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) Pocket Guide – Key Information about the process, safety and support
Coercive Control – Am I in a healthy relationship?
Your human rights, Your right to safety
Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships
The impact of domestic violence on your health and wellbeing
Trauma and self-care

Video – Coercive Control

Coercive control is a type of domestic abuse that is a pattern of behaviour used by an abuser to control, harm, punish, or frighten someone they are in a relationship with. Does someone in your life behave like this?

Threatening, Harassing, Assuming consent, Stalking, Gaslighting, Financial abuse, Isolating, Blaming, Technological abuse, Interrogating, Degrading, Humiliating

Short film – ‘Silenced’

‘Silenced’ is a short film brought to you by Got Your Back Sista, funded by the City of Newcastle and produced by Limelight Creative Media. It aims to bring awareness to the impact of domestic violence on children who have both witnessed and/or been abused themselves: domestic violence through the eyes of a child.

Programs​ and Courses

Through your support, we are able to run a variety of programs and short courses to help women learn new skills in wellbeing as well as professional skills like administration, retail, resume writing and preparing for interviews/employment.

Village People Op Shop

The Village People Shop stocks high quality, second-hand clothing and homewares which have been donated by the community with all proceeds from the sales going back to GYBS to fund our programs. Donations are welcome.